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12 workouts PLUS ACCESS TO 2 BONUS WORKOUTS AND 6-MINUTE AB WORKOUT more than 80 different exercise moves!

Our 2-DVD set includes 12 workouts. More than 80 exercise moves! And as a bonus, you get online access to 2 additional workouts and 1 6-minute ab workout, as well as all the nutritional info you need to complement your new lifestyle. Purchase MaxT3 through your Maximized Living Doctor.

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MaxT3 is based on the most cutting-edge exercise science. This exercise system elicits a very unique hormonal response in the body and ultimately it is your hormones that influence your metabolism. This type of exercise is called “metabolic conditioning.”

The T3 Principle

The abovementioned benefits are accomplished by utilizing the T3 principle. The three T’s: Time, type, and tempo can be adjusted to dial up specific results and to create a complete fitness system, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Get Your Life Back

For many of you, the best of all is that this plan fits into the busiest schedule. No longer does an effective exercise program take hours of time away from your work, family, social life, etc. As a result, you can get your workout in and get back to your life.


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